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Data Analyst - Dedicated to the innovation of technical solutions that streamline processes and boost efficiency.


Data Mining Specialist


Colorado Springs, CO

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Driven, creative, innovative technical professional with over 20 years of hands-on experience in the tailored design, development, and execution of customized analytics, as well as software and database development solutions. Proven success in the creation of complex data architectures which leverage solid databases and can be utilized to support diverse systems. A talented leader who guides and develops technical teams to achieve ambitious organizational goals and dramatically increase efficiency. Boosts productivity, cuts technical costs, and drives both continual process improvement and enhanced customer service delivery standards by streamlining business processes and enhancing internal systems to surpass business goals. Expertise in the collection, manipulation, and reporting on big data sets in standard and non-standard formats. Collaborates with cross-functional teams to leverage strategic advantages across business lines and global units to foster strong working partnerships, capitalize on shared competencies, and best utilize limited resources.


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Regis University Business Administration Bachelor Degree



Capacity Planner / Data Analyst / Software Developer Situation: Started with a manual process to create two Excel report (dashboard and detailed) for one customer. Action: After doing the manual reports - a lot of copy and pasting, I decided that it was too tedious, error-prone and time-consuming to do this every single month. Results: I spent my own time and automated the production of detail and dashboard reports using scripts to produce the Excel monthly reports. After automation was implemented, I picked up work that was for new accounts and was unassigned and supported more servers than any other team member while saving the corporation thousands of dollars monthly. I automated myself out of a job, so between the extra work that I did over the years and my position being abolished, I have saved the corporation over $15,000 a month. Situation: I needed a good way to store and process the raw data for each server for each customer. Action: I designed and implemented secure databases consisting of raw and summary data. Wrote scripts to validate data, report exceptions, and calculated summary values. Results: Reduced time and effort as well as minimized mistakes to process summary data for customer reporting. Situation: A number of different customers wanted changes to the existing standard reports. For example, some wanted different headers, a specific group of servers, particular hours to report on, as well as different thresholds. Action: I modified existing programs and designed INI files to allow for easy customization for reports. Results: Customers were happy to have the reports reflect their particular needs. Most changes were implemented within a month after requested. Situation: Customers and account were requesting new reports for VMware, Storage, and Networks. Action: I researched, designed and implemented new reports after studying the available data. Some reports required custom code to parse and extract values from a log file which I then used to create a data record for loading into a database table. Results: The customers were happy to get the new reports showing the utilization of their resources. Situation: I noticed that the staff that was doing the monthly exception reports were spending a lot of time creating the graphs for any systems that showed high utilization. Action: I took it upon myself to figure out a way to automate the production of the graphs and charts for the monthly exception reports. Results: I save many dollars and man-hours of manual effort for each customer every month that I produced the utilization charts/graphs.

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Lockheed Martin, Raytheon


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Most of my roles over the recent years involved taking some manual process and figuring out the best method to automate it. My last position I actually automated myself out of a job!