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A Growing Need for Higher Education

Do you really need a college degree? More and more, the answer is yes. In today's competitive job market, employers put a higher value on candidates with college degrees. But it’s not just about getting a job. Your ultimate goal is a job in which you can advance over time—can gain promotion to higher positions, and increase your salary. And the numbers plainly tell us that college graduates have far more successful careers - and earn more money! - over the course of their working life than do non-graduates.

For many professions, a higher degree is required because it's a way for employers to ensure you have the right training and expertise. In the market of high-paying, in-demand jobs, most require at least a Bachelors degree. The cold truth is that, for many of the truly lucrative and satisfying careers out there, a college-level degree is necessary just to get in the door.

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Projections for fastest-growing job markets

How does your current job measure up? Some sectors have flailed, but many are on the up and up. An online degree may give you the credentials to ride the upward wave.

According to the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunity knocks for employees in the following sectors...

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Job Growth Estimates

To earn big bucks, you will need to pony up the time and money for education. That is, unless you become an air traffic controller. Out of the 50 highest-paying occupations, only air traffic controllers are exempt from a Bachelor's degree requirement*

(*Source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics 2004-05).

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