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Bayonne, NJ

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Dedicated to my career growth, good interpersonal, qualitative and quantitative skills, working knowledge of capital markets products


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(Confidential) (Confidential) 6/2006 - Present



Bank of China New York, NY Associate, Corporate Banking June 2006 – Present Primarily responsible for evaluating credits in the area of syndication loans. Responsibilities include analyzing a company’s profitability, leverage, liquidity, debt service capacity and thoroughly reviewing public financial statements and projections to assess risks and findings. Bank of China is an active participant in lending to Fortune 500 companies, lending up to $40 million or more for investment grade credits. Recommendation reports have supported loan approvals of approximately $300 million in the Real Estate sector, $320 million in the Industrial and Diversified manufacturer sector; $100 million in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry; and $220 million in the Financial Institutions and Energy sector. · Evaluate the business structure, loan structure and financial structure of a proposal for large cap companies including General Electric, Merrill Lynch and Motorola. · Assess all elements of a credit application: conduct financial analysis on a company’s profitability, cash flows and leverage; identify inherent risks of the business, in addition to performing peer comparison analysis. Prepare credit recommendation reports for Risk Management review and for discussion in Credit Risk Committee meetings. · Attend bank meetings held by the prospective client, in order to gather information and perform due diligence on the industry and the company dynamics, thereby assessing internal risk ratings and loan limits to meet the needs of both the customer and the bank. · Monitoring a portfolio worth two billion dollars. Tasks include loan closings, approving amendments, ensuring timely renewal of expiring lines/loans and required annual reviews, reviewing quarterly compliances, staying on top of analyst reports and industry news, compliance with OCC and OFAC. Ceroilfoods Inc., subsidiary of China National Cereals, Oil & Foodstuffs Corp. (COFCO) Englewood, NJ Commodity Trader March 2004 –March 2006 Responsible for futures trading in hedge accounts for the commodity department in Beijing, China in the following agricultural commodities: soybeans, soymeal, soyoil, corn and wheat. COFCO is the largest agriculture importer and exporter and a leading food manufacturer in China. COFCO has five listed companies, among them is COFCO International (listed in Hong Kong) and the remaining four are all listed in mainland China. · Provided trading recommendations to headquarters by analyzing technical and fundamental indicators in conjunction with the current commodity affairs around the globe. Daily trading volume averaged at 5,000 to 10,000 contracts. · Published weekly reports to summarize all activities in the commodity markets and to provide a professional opinion on investment direction. · Worked with the senior Chinese trading team overseas to formulate trading strategy.

Companies I like:

Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Calyon Bank, Wachovia


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Monitor the ongoing creditworthiness on a portfolio of loans; Analysis reports have supported many loan approvals.