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Software Engineer - 3 Years of Experience - Near 80014


Software Engineer


Aurora, CO

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY * 2 Years of Experience as Hardware Design Engineer / Telecommunication Engineer. * Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, major in communication systems. * Experience with Analog/mixed-signal circuit concepts and techniques used in wireless transceiver ICs. (e.g. LNAs, Mixer, PGA, Filters, ADC/DAC, PLLs, Oscillators, VCOs, CMOS PA). * Proficiency in Digital Electronics Design, FPGA Architecture, RTL coding using HDL (VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog) and knowledge of ASIC/FPGA frontend tools (Synthesis, Simulation, FV). * Understanding of ASIC/FPGA flow, HDL (VHDL, Verilog, SV) Knowledge, Scripting Language CShell, Perl, Tcl and Python, High level computing language: MATLAB. * 2+ years of experience working with FPGA/ASIC design, testing, and verification module design. * Experience in Verilog/VHDL, C++, and Python and/or other scripting languages and Linux. * Ability to develop, simulate, synthesize, verify, and document Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs in VHDL. Familiarity with Embedded systems designs, Microcontroller firmware and FPGAs. * Embedded programming experience for FPGAs, microcontrollers and multicore processors. * Strong knowledge on Communication technologies, protocols and Interfaces, Sensor Technologies/Interfaces. * Digital design experience with microcontroller based systems (ARM, Cortex M, etc.) and I/O communication protocols (Ethernet, SPI, USB, etc.). * Experience with network and system level protocols, packet based data processing, and computer architecture. * Expertise in using SAS tools to Analyse, Validate, Format and Consolidate raw data regarding Production, Inventory, Logistics, Administrative and other direct and indirect Supply Chain cost models. * Utilized SAS to Read, Import and Export raw data from one file formats to another data file formats, including Delimited files, DBF, MDB and Spreadsheet files. * Exported SAS results to different formats, such as HTML, Excel, and PDF. * Filtering / Screening out unwanted data from raw data files and prepare output reports consist of desired information using where, keep, and drop statements. * Utilizing advanced SAS skills, including Macros and SQL procedures to deliver code. * Strong electronics background, experience with Analog, Digital, or Mixed electronic circuits design. * Proficiency in C, C++, Java, Data Structures, C/Java Debugger, .Net Framework. * Positive attitude, and willingness to work on a team and Leadership skills and eager to learn and adapt to new environments, products, and projects. * Ability to balance objectives and resolve conflicts with strong analytical skills and good cross functional communication skills.