Lowell D

Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler - 20 Years of Experience - Near 95945


Electrical & Electronic Equipment Assembler

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I have 20+ years’ experience in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Throughout my career, I have been the Principle technician for the installation, repair and modification of the equipment used in the front end of wafer fabrication. From the initial growing of the crystals, slicing the wafers, and polishing, I have assisted in the design, installation, and repair of laminar flow hoods and clean sinks. The clean sinks are an integral part of the manufacturing process. I have built manufacturing fabs at Fairchild Mt. View Ca. and National Semiconductor West Jordan Ut. As well as Tektronix In Beaverton Or. Saratoga Semiconductor and AMD in Sunnyvale Ca. and Read-Write Thin Film head manufacturing in Milpitas. My areas of concentration have encompassed all the areas of the Fab. I have installed MRC 643P sputters, Thermco DDC Vacuum furnaces, as well as Bruce furnaces with ACS crystal gas panels. As a field service representative for the Northwest I have installed GCA 6200 photo steppers, Ultratec 1500 and Canon steppers and interfaced them with spin Coat systems to make a congruent system. I have maintained and written specifications for Carl Zeiss proximity and contact aligners. I have installed and qualified Varian, GSD Classic and Eaton High energy Ion Implanters, as well as SEM systems and Roudolph wafer scanners. I have been the Lead technician for the Etch isles, maintaining LAM and Mattheson etchers and anealers. I was the Customer training Manager for Eaton Corp. Medium current Ion Implanters in Austin Texas as well as Customer training Manager for SITE services Photo Lithographic systems. Although my real passion was in the hands on troubleshooting and teamwork of the Line Maintenance technician. I am a team member looking for a team.