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Sales Assistant


Nashville, TN

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High School/GED

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Fast paced worker that will do anything you tell me to. Easy to get along with. I believe in working with each other. I am creative and trustworthy. I love working any kind of job.


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Buttons N Bows (Confidential) 10/2007 - 2/2008



Britney L. Norris 694 Ocala Drive Nashville, TN 37211 6158300064 Profile I am a single mom. It is really hard to find a good paying job and someone that understands the things that come along with being a single mom. I love working with people, for people, and around people. I love doing anything even if it does not envolve people. I am not a hard person to please on anything. I will do whatever is told and I am also willing to learn anything new that I do not know. I have recently been in sales and customer service and then also some daycare enviroments. I love to do anything as long as I know I am working for what I earn. Thanks. Britney. Work History Buttons N bows childcare- Antioch tn, Oct. 2007- Feb. 2008 Teacher I was a Teacher. I worked with kids. Made sure they felt as if they were at home and that they were loved. I worked whenever my boss would call me and tell me to get up and come in. My main hours were 9 to 6 or 8 to 5. CC DISH - Hermitage tn, May 2007 - Oct. 2007 Sales rep I was a sales rep that answered telephone calls. I talked to them about satalite service with both Direct TV and Dish Network. Also put a leads in the system and sold the program to them. Little bit of Heaven - Antioch TN, March 2007 - April 2007 Assistant Teacher I just helped out with whatever was needed to be done in or out of the classroom. I done basically whatever I knew needed to be done and extra when someone told me to do something. Tusculum child care Floater I done basically the samething as before. I done more than just stay in one classroom at this job. I gave other employees breaks and I cleaned and helped with the dishes, snacks, and lunches. Sally bueaty supply Sales associate I ran the cash register. Helped customers with the best products that fet their needs. Then sold that to the customer at their choice. I also cleaned, opened, and closed. Everyday normal duties in a retail store. EDUCATION Associates degree Phoenix online university, My home - May 2007 - present I am just now starting this. It is new to me. I will be in this program for about 2 years. High School Diploma John Overton Comprehensive High School. Nashville TN - August 2001 - May 2005 I just went to school to learn and get my diploma. I had a GPA of a 3.2 SKILL I am really good with computers and also the phone. I am good with people working in a setting or having them as a customer. Either one. I am really easy going. ACHIEVEMENTS I am a really good hard workwe. Just no one seems to understand the responsibilities of a single parent. That they have a lot more to handle. Also with being the only one that is around and someone that has no other help. We also need a job and someone to work with us on things. REFERENCES Available on request.

Companies I like:

anything dealing with either kids or sales


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I love working with kids. They are fun. They have a reason to be happy.