Chemist Career Research and Resources

University of South Carolina

Research - Chemist - Columbia, SC

• Designed and synthesized novel sulfonated/phosphonated/fluorinated polybenzimidazole (PBI) derivatives to elucidate structure-property relationships. • Designed and synthesized polybenzimidazole based block copolymers (PAES-b-PBI, PEEK-b-PBI, etc.) with improved mechanical properties and optimized hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity characteristics. • Fabricated polybenzimidazole based polymeric membranes and evaluated the pr...

Avg. Salary: $46,000   ·    Company Rank: 2.0 out of 5

BASF Fuel Cell, Inc.

Research - Chemist - Somerset, NJ

• Optimized polymerization conditions for the scale-up manufacturing pilot line. • Developed approaches to prepare polybenzimidazole/particle composite systems with enhanced mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. • Delivered new ideas on polymeric sealants for high temperature PEM fuel cells. • Developed polymer blends and examined the effects of additives to improve membrane properties

Avg. Salary: $46,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Research - Chemist - Troy, NY

• Designed and synthesized novel fluorinated polybenzimidazoles under the guidance of polymer structure-property relationships. • Investigated fluorinated polybenzimidazoles as fuel cell membranes and electrode additives. • Examined the durability of PBI based membranes in PEM fuel cells with accelerated tests.

Avg. Salary: $46,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Agilent Technologies

Research - Chemist - Shanghai, Outside United States

• Created and delivered the solutions for gas chromatography GC6820 localization. • Designed and developed testing methods and application notes for GC 6820 and HPLC 1100. • Provided technical supporst for manufacturing projects (GC, GC/MS, HPLC and HPLC/MS). • Improved the efficiency and yield of existing testing processes with Six Sigma methodology.

Avg. Salary: $46,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Intertek Testing Service

Research - Chemist - Shanghai, Outside United States

• Developed testing methods based on ISO/IEC, ASTM/UL, and EPA methods with UV-VIS, FTIR, AAS, ICP, GC, GC/MS, and HPLC. • Managed a team of technicians to oversee the moderate to complex testing tasks.

Avg. Salary: $46,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

University of Illinois at urbana-Champaign

Research - Chemist - Urbana, IL

1) Design and develop colorimetric sensing arrays for toxic industrial gases and explosive substances, with further efforts on miniaturization and commercialization of those colorimetric sensing arrays. 2) Develop a colorimetric sensor array for mimicking of the human olfactory system.

Avg. Salary: $37,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Stanford University

Research - Chemist - Stanford, CA

Immobilized cytochrome c oxidase (CcO) model complexes onto self-assemble monolayers (SAMs) by Sharpless click reaction, and evaluate O2 reduction efficiency under rate-limiting electron flux using ultra sensitive interdigitated array micro-electrodes (IDAs).

Avg. Salary: $37,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Valencia Community College

Research - Chemist - Orlando, FL

Prepared reagents and solutions for lab sections, set-up and maintained glassware and equipment, and maintained chemical inventory

Avg. Salary: $21,000   ·    Company Rank: 4.0 out of 5

Clemson University

Research - Chemist - Clemson, SC

Investigate iron(II) and ruthenium(II) complexes bound to DNA mimics and selenium- or sulfur-containing ligands and their effects on oxidative DNA damage

Avg. Salary: $21,000   ·    Company Rank: 3.0 out of 5

University of Central Florida

Research - Chemist - Orlando, FL

Synthesize adducts to podocarpic acid and investigated their potential biological activity

Avg. Salary: $21,000   ·    Company Rank: 4.0 out of 5