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Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - jupiter, FL


Avg. Salary: $5,900   ·    Company Rank: 3.0 out of 5


Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Seattle, WA

Avg. Salary: $20,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available


Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Dover, DE

Cashier and bagger

Avg. Salary: $10,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available


Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Los Angeles, CA

Read to students.

Avg. Salary: $0   ·    Company Rank: 1.0 out of 5


Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Dover, NH

well i am a manager pwn trasta and i am good with stuff and i has a pwner right now

Avg. Salary: $30,000   ·    Company Rank: 4.0 out of 5

Suntrust Bank Corporate Office

Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Richmond, VA

- Served as Spanish Translator for the department - Researched and inquired information from clients - Investigated loan applications using LexisNexis Accurint and other databases - Helped reduce financial losses by detecting fraud and insuring proper risk management -Communicated with loan applicants to verify vital information

Avg. Salary: $25,000   ·    Company Rank: 5.0 out of 5

CDG Commerce

Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Chesapeake, VA

Receive, assess, and process high volumes of new merchant applications daily. Make needed account changes to merchant account such as cancellations, bank changes, address and DBA/Legal name changes, etc. Respond to high volumes of service tickets from merchants, and communicate with them via Live chat, telephone, or email. Compile monthly commission reports. Constant contact with co-workers in remote locations via chat meth...

Avg. Salary: $33,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Prince Telecom

Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Portsmouth, VA

Asssist project manager with new hires and terminations, completed daily payroll for all technicians, dispatch with radio and via telephone for technicians and with Cox Communications. Routed tech's jobs for each day based on local mapping strategies. Attended weekly meetings with cox staff. Delivery of paperwork to the head office of Cox in Chesapeake. Assisted our employees with time off requests, and other work related i...

Avg. Salary: $33,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Contract Underwriter

Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Alpharetta, GA

Underwriting Mortgage loans for a Mortgage Company to faany/freddie/ginnie/conventional standards.

Avg. Salary: $55,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

Accounting & Finance - Financial Examiner - Atlanta, GA

Reviewed mortgage loans from Members for compliance for advances/reviewed members portfolios on site for credit approval and borrowing limits. Worked with Member Banks in the SouthEast. Also worked closely with the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Richmond. Assisted in setting up a state of the art UCC program for the Bank and worked with it for three years to secure the Banks first position on collateral submitted for ...

Avg. Salary: $55,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available