Whistling While You Work: Cutting Edge Job Search Firm Matches Top Performers to New Jobs

Online employment match service helps busy professionals land the position of their dreams—without the time and hassle of the job search process

SAN DIEGO (May 31, 2007) – In an era of tightly-scheduled business meetings and workdays that start before dawn and end well after dark, today’s overachieving workers have a new partner in their career management efforts: online employment matchmaker

The company offers a cutting edge work values assessment process, personalized employment match system and access to a robust array of hiring companies who agree with’s high-tech, high-touch approach to recruiting.  

“With long business days, round-the-clock Blackberry access and a constant drive to succeed, today’s best workers often have little time to consider their next career step; even if that step might land them the job of their dreams,” explains CEO Mike O’Brien. “These professionals can’t spend hours and days on traditional job search sites or working with bricks-and-mortar outplacement firms. So all too often they continue working in a job they like, and put off looking for the job they’ll love. allows these professionals to take control of their career.”’s philosophy of “passive recruiting” focuses on a turnkey system that allows professionals to maximize their recruiting efforts. “The process is truly ‘like Dating for Jobs’,” explains O’Brien.” Our members set up a quick profile, and take our ground-breaking career values assessment to identify their Career FingerprintTM—a unique and powerful indicator of what they truly want from their employer. With this information, we can match them to companies that present the perfect fit for their skills, interests and workplace values.” Membership for climbers is absolutely free; recruiting companies pay a fee to access’s rapidly growing membership base of diverse, highly talented professionals.

And it’s a process that works. According to Nick Jiminez, EVP,, many candidates express surprise at the rapid response they gain from “The assessment program captures our members’ true preferences, and their personal career pages presents their work experience and interests in a way that helps them stand out to potential employers. Best of all—candidates don’t have to do anything once they’ve completed their assessment. They can return to work, go about their days, and feel confident knowing that their perfect employment match will find them.”

Currently, is adding about three thousand new members a week. For more information, potential Climbers can check out their website at Interested corporate partners can contact Nick Jiminez at (number).

About, a division of, is a ground-breaking online recruiting partner for today’s highly diverse, talented professionals and the companies who seek to employ them. Through its innovative recruiting system, has created double blind system which pairs companies and passive job seekers based on their CareerFingerprint™ (a proprietary environmental fit assessment) and in-depth profiles. This reduces the applicant pool and improves the chances of a candidate being Qualified, Available and Interested (QAI). Climbers (passive job seekers) benefit from the reduction of recruitment spam.

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