Job Postings Job Posting Features & Benefits

  • Automatically Distribute your Job Posting to 300+ Sites
  • Utilize targeted email campaigns to reach targeted Qualified, Available and Interested Candidates
  • Targeted jobs are displayed in three distinct ways: as a ‘Featured Job’ on a User’s dashboard, as a ‘Featured Job’ in our search results and in our weekly email newsletter.
  • Requisition-Driven Marketing™
  • re-invests a portion of the job posting fees, specifically targeting Candidates for your jobs.

Why should my Company purchase job postings from

Let’s face facts. Most Companies realize that the major job boards Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs have reached the saturation point. Posting your jobs on one of the major job boards will inundate your Recruiters with resumes, most of which are from Candidates who are not remotely qualified for the positions. Subsequently creating inefficiencies for the Recruiters, who are doing their best to source and hire good employees. But, no one ever gets fired for posting jobs to the major job boards, so why change?

There is a better way of getting your jobs in front your targeted Candidates. Typically when a Company posts a job online, it sits in a database and waits to be seen by job seekers who are passing by the site, actively searching for jobs or have signed up to receive email updates for that job type or industry. takes it one step further. Rather than relying on a ‘push through’ approach to get applicants, ; we literally ‘pull through’ targeted applicants for your jobs. Utilizing proprietary technology, our system gathers your job’s data, user behavior and characteristics; then uses that information to distribute and display your job only to your ideal Candidates. This process leads to higher quality, more engaged Candidates.

How do’s job postings work? JobPost is a systematic approach to reaching Qualified, Available and Interested (QAI) Candidates. Utilizing a targeted email communication process and search engine optimization, your career opportunities are presented in a compelling, targeted and branded format which is optimized across major search engines. Additionally, your job will be highlighted as a ‘Featured job’ within the search results and appear on the dashboard of targeted Users. Rather than advertising to the masses, the process ‘pulls’ the Candidates that you seek onto our site and gets their eyes on your job postings. The end result: more targeted traffic to your jobs. realizes that today’s recruiting professionals are looking for seamless solutions and measureable results which is why we offer real-time analytics and integration with major job distributors like Arbita, Hodes Smartpost, JobTarget and TMP VIPeR.

Since our technology does the heavy lifting, JobPost requires minimal work on the part of the Recruiter. Simply upload your job content and we take it from there. Actively marketing your postings to relevant Candidate audiences in order to build awareness of your jobs.

What is Requisition-Driven Marketing™?

A targeted marketing approach, utilizing over 2200 affiliate niche sites to target and attract more of your desired candidates’s proprietary technology seamlessly combines psychographic marketing and segmentation, creating fluid online marketing strategies to fulfill the open requisitions on our site. That’s a fancy way of saying that re-invests a portion of the job posting fees, specifically targeting Candidates for your jobs. understands that posting career content online is a full circle process. Once content is on the web, it has to be positioned into the right places and in front of the right people to get the desired response. Our Requisition-Driven Marketing&trade technology ensures your posting gets the maximum exposure with your targeted candidates.

How do I post?

Your postings can be live in 5 minutes. We have a simple online process and our posting pricing starts at $149 per posting per month. Job Postings can be purchased as a single posting or in job packs. Please contact Nick Jimenez for more details.