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Accounting & Finance - Financial Manager, Branch or Department - HK, MH

Avg. Salary: $500,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available


Legal Services - Legal Assistant - Cambrodge, MH

Facilitated opening store functions, Executed department displays and assisted customers.

Avg. Salary: $28,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Boston Design Solutions

Engineering & Architecture - Engineer - Chelmsford, MH

Port Das u-boot from AMCC Glacier board to a 460GT Power Pc custom board. Customize u-boot to bring up the board. Also, develop diags code for testing various memories and interfaces for the custom board in u-boot environment. The work involves using GNU tool chain gcc-ppc, make, gdb. In addition, develop diags code for Broadcom SiByte BMC1250 Dual-Core 64-bit MIPS Processor based board.

Avg. Salary: $127,500   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

SmartLink Radio Networks, Inc

Engineering & Architecture - Engineer - Billerica, MH

Worked on APCO (Association of Public Safety Communications) project 25 (P25) protocol for the next generation platform (P25 is a public safety communications standard dedicated to ensuring interoperability in conventional/trunked radio communications) for the Next Generation Smartlink Switch. Major Contributions • Designed Common Air Interface (CAI) for voice and data, and signaling specifications. • Designed configurat...

Avg. Salary: $127,500   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Appian Communications

Engineering & Architecture - Engineer - Acton, MH

Performed software maintenance work for the Optical Services Activation Platform (OSAP) legacy product. The work was done in VxWorks environment using c/c++, Perforce. Also member of software architecture team for a new OC48 SONET/SDH circuit pack.

Avg. Salary: $127,500   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Thailand Adventist Mission

Nonprofit - Clergyman - Bangkok, Thailand, MH

Budget management, in service training, volunteer management, proposal process management, personnel and human resource management, teaching and mentoring

Avg. Salary: $37,500   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Science & Biotech - Clinical Quality Assurance - Boston, MH

Type and Cross Blood Units Antibody Screening

Avg. Salary: $70,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

World Series of Lacrosse

Sales & Sales Management - Advertising Sales Agent - Norwood, MH

Headed up operations of tournament Scheduling and Recruiting of Volunteers Hospitality and Hotels for Participants

Avg. Salary: $50,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

CECO Environmental Corp

Sales & Sales Management - Sales Engineer - Indianapolis, MH

Personal interface with prospective customers, stratigic alliance partners, specifiers, and relevant governmental agencies. Coordination of media and trade show/seminar marketing efforts. Co-ordination of team selling effort, assessing competition, remaining involved through pre-bid, close, and after-sale relationsip and service. Reporting to VP Sales & Marketing.operating within budget and job description.

Avg. Salary: $70,000   ·    Company Rank: 2.0 out of 5

Globle Association/ Johnson Control world services/Raytheon

Construction & Extraction - Carpenter Assembler or Repairer - Kwajalein, MH

Lead maintenance for housing crew of 6 maintenace carpenter for 500 plus government housing and trailer units.

Avg. Salary: $15,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available