Appraiser Career Research and Resources

King & Spalding,LLP

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Atlanta, GA

Inventoried files, assigned identification numbers with computer generated labeling system, and arranged off-site storage and pickup.

Avg. Salary: $30,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Flagstar Corporation

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Spartanburg, SC

Operated postage machines and applird leadership skills to oversee efficient management of mailroom operations.

Avg. Salary: $30,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

ICDC College

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Lawndale, CA

Help Students with the rules of accounting as well as their general journal entries, general ledgers, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciles, cash reciepts journal, and purchase orders, and even invoicing. Getting copies and doing faxes.

Avg. Salary: $0   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

TJ Maxx

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Redondo Beach, CA

Helping customers with returns,purchases,layaways,and phone etiquette. Assisting Fitting Rooms and jewelry department. Restocking racks and adding new merchandise to the floor. Straightening up the store as well as Inventory.

Avg. Salary: $0   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

May & Associates

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Tigard, OR

Complete appraisal assignments daily

Avg. Salary: $15,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Kingsley Lumber

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Portland, OR

Handle sales counter, inventory, Lumber, warehouse loader

Avg. Salary: $15,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Sevco Associates

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Syracuse, NY

Deliver supplies to hair salons and make necessary repairs alterations to equipt and furnishings.

Avg. Salary: $15,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Charles L Cheatham Appraisal Associates

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Orange Park, FL

Performing commercial and residential appraisal assignments for financial institutions and private parties. Supervised appraiser trainees in the performance of appraisal assignments. Managed the day to day business operations of the firm; this involved soliciting clients, hiring appraiser trainees and support staff, accounting and bookkeeping, quality control of product and services.

Avg. Salary: $60,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available


Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - HOUSTON, TX

Begins with cash flow daily,accounts receivable daily, accounts payable projections daily and weekly is well monthly on the cash flow analysis. Payroll four times a month, provides the ten and tweinty five day of the month, provides are RN, PT , CNA, outside technical provides is well. The last day of the month and the fifteen administrative personnel, total numbers of employees one hundred.

Avg. Salary: $60,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available

Self Employed Tax and Book Keeping business

Accounting & Finance - Appraiser - Houston, TX

Did have a number for which IRS knew who did the returns I signed. Small accounts from selfemployed spanish labor workers, did bookeeping.

Avg. Salary: $60,000   ·    Company Rank: Not Available