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Tracom Group Work Values

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Daily Duties at Tracom Group:

 Become a close and trusted professional companion for the business-business and business-consumer end users. This entailed gaining a comprehensive understanding of the HR Training product created by the company.  Effectively deliver training on the use of survey and workshop systems to the clients. This training was conducted via WebEx and through email.  Offer helpdesk support for the employee end-users using online survey administrative web applications.

What they like about Tracom Group:

Organizations with strong, centralized leadership are particularly attractive to you. You require a work environment with leadership that aggressively seeks to expand and grow the business and does so in a visible and decisive manner. In general you prefer to work in an environment in which there is a strong link between leadership, its actions, and a strong set of company-wide values.

Information about Tracom Group

Company Rank: Not Available

Average length of employment : 3 years

Average salary of employees: $59,000

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Were you recognized for meeting or exceeding expectations?


Did you feel like your personal contribution was important?


Was your career path clearly outlined and discussed?


I would recommend this as a place of employment.
I believe in the purpose of this organization.
I would work for this organization again.
I feel employees are fairly compensated.