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Us Navy Work Values

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Daily Duties at Us Navy:

• Performed safety inspections, proper record keeping. Insure safety for 120 personnel • US Navy security force. Responsible for security of work site building and equipment. Qualified small arms 9MM. • Assist in aircraft mishaps investigation. Submit reports to the senior management. • Environmental Technician responsible for the performance of tasks associated with hazardous waste storage, clean-up, site-remediation, equipment decontamination and handling of hazardous materials. • Completed of associated paperwork, including daily worksheets, vehicle inspections, equipment. • Installed and service eye stations. • Folk lift operator, load and unload cargo for warehouse to 20 and 40 ft. trucks, off load and load cargo from ship board and pier operations. • Quality assurance inspector, performed program audits on work centers, programs and safety of flight of aircraft. • Corrosion Control technician, sandblast parts and aircraft components, prime and painted surfaces. Applied marking. Operate overhead crane. • Supervise and lead 40 inspectors, conducted monthly meeting, perform audits on work centers, submits HAZREP reports and technical bulletin, ensure compliance with technical directives. • Supervised 90 aircraft maintenance personnel, performing upkeep maintenance on twelve aircraft. Repaired flight controls removed and installed landing gear components. Manufactured panels and doors. Installed and removed rivets and fasteners, performing aircraft sheet metal repair on naval aircraft. • Completed work via computer base program Nalcomis, • Perform phase maintenance, schedule and unscheduled maintenance. • Qualified final checker on aboard ship and land bases. • Performed daily inspection and walk around. • Performed maintenance on aircraft structures, flight controls. Remove and replaced aircraft wheels and brakes. • Performed Dye Pendant Inspections (NDI) on aircraft flight controls and engine parts. • Manufacturer doors and panels removing and installing fasteners and rivets. Remove, installed and repair canopies assemblies. • Removed and disassemble cleaned and inspection aircraft wheels and tires, clean inspected and lube wheel bearing. • Clean, painted and bead blasted aircraft parts, aircraft engine components. • Operator overhead cranes. • Manufacture aircraft parts used blueprints and drawing. • Forming parts using industrial pneumatic air tools, break, shears and dies. • Corrosion control manager, supervise and trained 10 personnel performing corrosion control, removing and applying various aircraft coating on naval aircraft, serial numbers, markings and fiberglass repair, and inspecting aircraft for corrosion. Sanding blasting aircraft parts. Performed fiberglass and honeycomb repair. • Completed aircraft paint school, US Navy • Logistics coordinator, supervise and plan unit gear via air and land transport. • QA Inspector, inspected aircraft fuselage structures damage, removal and rigging flight control surfaces, hydraulics components, wings structures for corrosion and defects. • Quality Assurance Inspector for flight controls, landing gear systems, power plants and fuel systems. Performed work center audits and program audits. • HAZMAT program manager. Proper shipping, container labeling, storage, handling and disposal of industrial hazardous material/waste, maintained records of inspections, evaluating potential hazards of chemicals in accordance with local, State and Federal regulations and laws. Maintain training records and MSDS provided training to 135 personnel on hazardous material/waste program. • Performed fit testing and training to 35 personnel in the use of Supply Air, air purifying HEPA respirators, NISOH/ OSHA approved. Responsible for ordering, repairing and storage of respirators.

What they like about Us Navy:

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Information about Us Navy

Company Rank: Not Available

Average length of employment : 24 years

Average salary of employees: $60,000

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