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K & M Plant Plant Services & Manta Industrial Work Values

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Daily Duties at K & M Plant Plant Services & Manta Industrial:

RESUME Daniel Cianci: 1750 W. Broadway 2009 Blue Island, Illinois. 60406 Phone:(708)389-7902 Education: LT. Joseph P.Kennedy Job Training Center. Palos Heights, Illinois. 08/1977 to 05/1979 Dwight D. Eisenhower High School. Blue Island, Illinois. 08/1976 to 05/1980. General academic courses. Diploma to show. South suburban community college. South Holland, Illinois. 03/1985 to 03/1986.General academics. Certification: 40 hour industrial chemical Hazwoper and 10 hour industrial OSHA at Industrial Safety training Services: Hammond, Indiana 2007.Clean Harbors Environmental Rescue and chemical, Gas monitor, confined space training:2008. Three Rivers Training for refinery safety orientation: Joliet, Illinois.2008. B.P. Refinery orientation training. 2007 and 2008. Honors & Awards: Employee of the month with picture and write up in company employee newsletter. Extraordinary evaluation summary letters and references to show. Industrialist and ambitious hands on training in all of the work I am performing. Learn machine operations processes fast and never on the job recordable injuries. Performed volunteer work in the community. Professional Summary Of Qualified Experience: Aero-Tech Environmental & Energy Refinery Services: B.P. Amoco Indiana Refinery: 07/2008 to 10/2008.Whiting, Indiana. [Contractor]Tank cleaning turnaround filter press, centrifuge machine operations. Great at hydro blasting all day high up inside the cracker unit towers.Firehose breakdowns and setting up all day on tank projects. Wrench tightened man ways bolts on 28 rains for rent tanks. Monitor and watch centrifuge gauges and know the shutdown procedures and the reverse water and pump shutdowns after filling mix tanks. Great at hand grinding and scraping the steel beams underneath the filter press machine trailers to coat and paint. Clean up vac trucks interiors and power wash all trucks and wax and detail the pickup trucks and bosses truck. Worked at another refinery and learned the shaker unit process and really picked up on monitoring the pump transferring of materials to the coke yard on dispatch. Power washed some rain for rent tanks and shaker unit. Attended all B.P. safety contractor meetings within the refinery. Clean Harbors Industrial & Environment Services: B.P. Amoco Indiana Refinery at Lakefront operations: 11/2007 to 02/2008.Whiting, Indiana. [Contractor] Monitor centrifuge machines and suck extract water and benzene spills all day and everyday. Power wash down site daily. Took it upon myself to change out the suction pumps and learned to rebuild pumps daily from rocks blockages. Learn to fill up mix tanks and check tank #562 levels.Transfering materials and turning valves. Power washes down site and wipes all hoses down. Learn reverse shut downs of machine and pump. Help reline roll off boxes. Attend B.P. lakefront safety meetings and feel confident of refinery operations within the lakefront operations. Attended out of state rescue hands on training and gas monitor chemical interactions and confined space OSHA regulations. Labor Ready Industrial Services: Steel Mill & Heavy Manufacturing Steel Reprocessing Demolition with H2-0 Industrial Plant Services: 02/2007 to 11/2007.Hammond,Indiana.[Temporary]Worked in steel mills and manufacturing steel maintenance plants. Operated 20 ton overhead crane. Real great at water blasting slag crane, machinery with supervision of a Mittal steel foreman and pit excavations turnaround projects. Roll up fire hoses. Vacuum truck sucking out pits and grease tanks all over steel mill. Experienced fire watchman and torch cutting up steel piping in demolitioning.Assisted in rigging up steel frames with welders in removal and worked 12 stories up in a jig lift. Great at carrying out and staging steel pieces all day. Suck out sewers on some jobs. Worked inside a plant operating a machine, by pushing buttons in stages of a process. Stacked onto pallets and use forklift and power and floor jacks. Grind up rejects in hoppers. Performed some industrial machine scraping and painting. Water blast 50 ton intrusion castor machinery of oil at a castor steel mill repair shop. Front end loader training. Operated grinders to remove burs on metal parts for the Caterpillar project. Hard ambitious worker and high morale attitude in all areas of my work with everyone I come in contact told to my office branch manager. K & M Plant Services & Manta Industrial: Heavy Industrial, Hydro & Water Blasting Washing Trucks, Fleet Vehicles, Vac-Trucks, Stake Beds, Undercarriages, Parts, Huge Water Pumps: 04/2006 to 09/2006. Hammond, Indiana. [Permanent] Great at getting the trucks power washed and scrubbed down in a fast paced enviroment.Great at truck undercarriage Hydro blasting and tank washouts. Clean, polish, buff and wax all interior, exterior paints and a craftsman at detailing the entire fleet. The president and vice president told me and department heads he has never seen such extraordinary and industrial workmanship along with gaulity and consistency in the shop. I am an ambitious and industrialist in my work. United States steel contractors commented on all the clean and professional detailing of the vac-trucks and stake beds to me. Change out top vac-truck filters and great at cleaning up yard debris and relocating 300 pallets in storage yard for OSHA inspections. Drove vans, stake beds and towed work trailer to all steel mills daily and occasional trips. Great at scraping and blasting huge ultra water blaster pumps to prepare for painting. Extremely happy everyday and liked in the shop by everyone in employee morale. I really liked operating the wash bay and all the daily challenges it involved. Home Depot Home Improvement Store: Merchandiser retriever: Chicago Ridge, Illinois.04/2002 to 07/2002.[Part Time & Full Time] Sweep store isles and corridors down. Load customer’s vehicles. Carry heavy Sod.Lumber.Cement.Rock.Stone.Always assisting customers. Climb up high to retrieve bulky merchandise. Operate jacks to run loads out to sales floors. Always assisting and helping out customers all the time.Extroardinary evaluation reviews and summary reports from management and great customer comments on my work ethnics. Received a manager like report says the human resource department. Dominick’s Finer Foods: Store Cleaning Maintenance of entire store: Oak Lawn, Illinois.06/1989 to 04/2002.[Permanent]Complete sales floor spot mopping. Clean departments and mop out coolers and bleach meat back room floors to sanitize. Hot mop underneath store displays. Clean and polish store counters. Wash frozen food doors weekly and do chrome weekly. Wash walls, Backrooms and great at major cleanup projects. Bale boxes and assist stockman with loads to sales floor. Powers wash the meat case very early on Mondays. Given the best store employee award by vice president for store cleanliness and consistency in site up keep. My upbeat challenging ideas and attitude is very deeply missed by all store and district managers, employees and customers of Oak Lawn, Illinois. K Mart Retail Department Store: Night watchman of entire store: Oak Lawn, Illinois.1987 to 1988.[Permanent]Sort stray merchandise. Put away merchandise. Bale boxes. Hang the Christmas bears in front display windows. Complete receiving and backroom and department floor sweeping and hot mopping...Do major projects on occasions. Monitor door alarm light panels. Pick out merchandise off rollers and stack to move out to sales floor. Display set up and cleans shelves. City of Blue Island Department of Public Works: Department of public works and city hall & Police department janitorial technician: Blue Island, Illinois. 05/1983 to 02/1986. [Permanent]Complete floor care, clean polish desk, woodwork, Window cleaning inside and out. Vacuum floors. Mop all floors. Set up for traffic court and city council meetings. Assisted in the 100 year old city hall restoration project scraping up old tiles and varnishing old woodwork. Great at big cleaning and outdoor cleanup projects. Paint jail cells and polish toilets. Wash and polish, detail all city trucks and city vehicles. Cut grass and shovel snow. Hand grind and paint equipment. Extremely liked and so truly missed by all city hall and police department personnel was always happy go luck in my work ethnics and personality says city public works department employees. Dans Professional Car Detailing Paint Sealant protection Services: Complete car polishing, waxing, detailing interiors and exteriors: Blue Island, Illinois. 1980 to 1989.[Services] Advertising and recruiting my own customers. Used Maguire's and Blue Coral products. Sell extra polsihing and special sealant with a 2 year paint finsh guarantee. Apply special sealers after buffing out paint and waxing to lock in an awesome brilliant hard and durable shine.Great at rubbing out bumpers with armorall for awsome reflections that really stand out in a durable shine.Extremely Very happy satisfied customer written references on file to show for. Valley Community Hospital: Complete hospital housekeeping floor care technician: Brownsville, Texas.1982 to 1983.[Permanent] Mopping and buffing out floors in all departments and corridors with germicidal agent. Wash all interior windows and door entrances. Clean restrooms and stock supplies. Collect all linen and garbage during shift. Wash walls down with germicidal to keep germs down. Strip some floors and hard buff and wax. Buff out patients rooms and wipe down doors and polish chrome. Great at cleaning out incinerator and furnace boiler building. Helped hospital pass inspections in my hard work. Very happy employee and patient contact morale. Extremely liked by everyone said hospital Administrator and vollunteers.Hospital employee of the month award and have newsletter write up on file

What they like about K & M Plant Plant Services & Manta Industrial:

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Information about K & M Plant Plant Services & Manta Industrial

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