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Ntd Architecture Work Values

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Daily Duties at Ntd Architecture:

Challenged with coordinating multiple marketing and business development activities by healthcare and education building design and construction company with over 300 employees. Prepare introductory qualification packets. Design and deliver proposals and statements of qualifications. Create winning first impressions with clients to gain openings for architect interviews. Design presentations for final team interviews. Mesh with marketing personnel in team atmosphere. • Spearheaded development and finalization of major PowerPoint presentation within two months of joining team that emerged as firm’s single largest winning bid for $120 million. • Develop and maintain creative and detailed government SF-330 forms and annual qualification questionnaires that enable firm to capture clients in highly competitive market. • Support four offices with issues concerning presentations, documentation and charts; provide examples of proposals, photos and logos and walk managers through layout and design process. • Manage company’s continually changing image library by renaming, resizing and cataloging photos from each project for fast retrieval.

What they like about Ntd Architecture:

A hiring company that offers alternative approaches to pay, performance bonuses, and/or equity in the firm is very attractive to you. You're generally less interested in working for an organization offering only traditional, salary-based compensation, one with limited opportunity to acquire equity in the firm, or one that does not actively promote skill development. In addition, you are more likely to choose a company that offers a variety of internal career options, with defined career paths. You view the learning of new skills and development of your expertise as key to your career advancement. These aspects of an organization may become even more important to you as you progress in your field, and are especially critical if you change career or occupation.

Information about Ntd Architecture

Company Rank: Not Available

Average length of employment : 1 year

Average salary of employees: $47,000

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I feel employees are fairly compensated.