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Bay Networks (Nortel) Work Values

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Daily Duties at Bay Networks (Nortel):

Developed a comprehensive Quality Management system that provided consistent services worldwide, and supported a continuous improvement program, in a highly dynamic business environment. Used the development of the Quality Management system as a platform to unite all customer service organizations, worldwide, during the year after the Wellfleet/Synoptics merger. Obtained BSI ISO 9001 registration within 14 months for 2 U.S., 2 European and one Asian-Pac location based on common processes developed or harmonized by the program. Facilitated Quality Management and Auditor training to management and staff, worldwide. Designed and maintained intranet or web based tools for worldwide process Documentation Control system, Training tracking system, Corrective and Preventive Action system, fed by Customer Complaints, Surveys, Metrics, Internal Audits and Employee-generated reports. Developed, managed and coordinated a worldwide Internal Audit program. Implemented significant Process Improvements (business systems replacement, course development and delivery, contract accuracy and consistency, technical support competency, etc.), through metrics analysis and the facilitation of international Business Process Reengineering teams.

What they like about Bay Networks (Nortel):

The social vibrance of a hiring firm is very important to you. Your ability to make and maintain friendships there is a critical part of your decision. You would likely be dissatisfied with a workplace that is quiet, cold, or otherwise not particularly social. When you investigate a new hiring company, ask recruiters, managers, and potential co-workers about the social life and opportunities there. This is especially important when you are relocating; moving dramatically alters your social sphere both inside and outside the workplace.


Program and Project Management, Business Analysis/Process and Data Analyst, Software Quality Assurance (SQA),, Requirements Management, Configuration Management, Defect Management, Quality Systems Development and Quality Management, Business Process Vision and Policies, Organizational Development and Re-engineering, Business Systems Requirements Specification, Course Development and Technical Training, Process and Training Documentation and Technical Writing, Product Design and Qualifications (power and packaging), Component Engineering (analog and materials), European and Asia Pacific business experience, Data Base Development and SQA, Use Case Modeling, Requirements and Defect Management, Issue Management, Document Management, KPI Definition, Analysis and Business Process Improvement, Use Cases Development, Test and Training, Internal Audit Planning, Implementation and Management, Hardware and Software PLC Management, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Product Safety, EMC, EMI Environmental Management, Manufacturing, Customer and Field Support, Standards and Regulatory: UL, CSA, IEC, ISO, VDE, BSI, KEMA, FCC, FDA, PTT, BABT, OSHA, NEC, Sarbanes-Oxley (SarbOx/SOX), COBIT, Standards Making Committees: ECMA TC12, CBEMA ESC2, TIA, Process Frameworks: ISO 9000:2000 and TL 9000 (cGMP/QS9000 equivalent), CMMI, ITIL, SWBoK, PMBoK, RUP, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Mass Quality Award/Baldridge Evaluation/Implementation, ODI and Rummler-Brache Process Improvement Methods, Metrics and Tools: TQM, SPC, TL9000 and GR-929 metrics implementations and Six Sigma tools and methodologies

Information about Bay Networks (Nortel)

Company Rank: 3.0 out of 5

Average length of employment : 5 years

Average salary of employees: $120,000

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