Michael B

Restaurant Manager - 20 Years of Experience - Near 77598


General Manager

Education Level:

High School/GED

Will Relocate:



I am looking to find a job that believes in work/life balance. One that rates family time as a very important part of the career. I have worked retail and restaurant as a GM for the last 30+ years and have put 120% into my work and only a small percent into my family. My prior jobs have not only taken my time at the workplace but also on my days off. I love to golf, go to my daughter's activities at school, just be more than Uber and an ATM.. I don't know how many of her activities I have missed through the years but it has been many and I am her Father but not sure if she believes that. I'm never available in her eyes. A daughter needs a Father figure in her life and I have failed in that. I want to be able to have times with family and friends, that's normal, I see it everyday so I know it's very possible. I only have weekends off if I take a vacation.I just need a change of venue. I'm hoping there is something out there that can give me that extra freedom, Thanks for your time. Michael