Dr. Tracy S

Retired School Principal and Entrepreneur


Elementary & Secondary School Administrator


West Palm Beach, FL

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Confident of my abilities and proud of my achievements, I am looking for a position on a District, College or University Level as an Instructor, Consultant, Professor or School Administrator within the area of Educational Leadership that will allow me to make a positive contribution to the organization’s success. Throughout my career, I have established a reputation for managing school administration and staff development. I am skilled at analyzing data, consulting, mentoring, observing, and coaching teachers on classroom methods and instructional strategies to increase students’ academic performance. My background includes more than 30 years of academic leadership experience. I have strong career expertise as a principal, assistant principal and consulting teacher.




Accomplishments and Achievements/Recognitions and Community Partnerships: • Recognized by Governor Rick Scott for increasing our school’s grade from an F to 19 points from a B, with some of the highest learning gains in the district and state in comparison with schools across the state of Florida • Recognized by School Board for Increasing Classroom Libraries through Donations • Worked with Community Organizations to provide free school uniforms during her tenure to family’s who couldn’t afford them. • Participated in and supported fund-raising activities for the students and the faculty by donating clothes and shoes from the community; • School Based Mentoring with BBBS (paired HS students with EL students) • Held Annual FCAT Pep Rally’s that made the local news - that involved the staff and community organizations (district, state & govt officials) attended to encourage & motivate students to work hard in class to increase their academic performance on the state test • Recognized for Partnership with the Riviera Beach Police Department; • Partnership with Riviera Beach City Council • Partnership with Riviera Beach CRA • Partnership with Riviera Beach CDC to mentor students and parents to increase academics • Recognized for Starting the first Saturday Tutorial Program for Parents to teach them how to help their child(ren) at Home to increase academics • Received laptops, bicycles, skateboards, gold coins as incentives for students who excelled on standardized test through Community Partners • Partnered with School Police and Walmart to have bicycles and helmets donated to students • Participated in and supported father and daughter dance as a fundraiser and relationship builder; • Held the first Father son cookout to bring the community of fathers together with the goal of bridging the gap between father and son • Sought donations to provide roses for every child for their Mother for Mother's • Participated in Black Men (of Low performing students) Bike and Walk Your Children to School Day Activity; Accomplishments and Achievements • Won the American Heart Association Garden Grant to implement a garden for students and faculty to use as a teaching & learning tool; • Implemented Common Planning (Weekly Department meetings after school to focus on professional development by content area) • Increased the number of computers in the school (2 per class to 5) through community partnerships Implemented a Computer lab on wheels to practice FCAT/FSA skills • Wrote grants to increase the number of school computer labs from 1 to 3 (with 25 computers to over 85 computers) • Received a $110,000 check from Publix and Big Brothers Big Sisters for uniforms for students (commissioner attended presentation & took pictures with group • Implemented a Gold Coin Incentive Award Program to pay low performing students for Academic Performance • Received a $12,000 Grant to purchase band instruments for Title I School (Provided academic motivation & prepared them for Secondary Band Opportunity) • Received a $15,000.00 Grant from the Attorney Firm of Lewis & Williams to begin the first Elementary School Drum Line — • Made history as the first Elementary Drum Line in US to march in a parade - MLK PARADE) • Closer monitoring of portfolios, analyzing and targeting teacher level of instruction and student performance through types of test given and instructional delivery • Implemented School Based Mentoring with BBBS (paired HS students with EL students) • Increased number of SRI tests • Increased Science time in all grade levels • Increased classroom reading libraries with various genres and Lexile’s through Grants and Partnerships with “A” School Principals who donated funds or new books. • Implemented Scheduled Parent data chats on PDD (Professional Development days) • Implemented Data chats: Student/Teacher; Teacher/Principal after Fall and Winter Diagnostics, during Pupil Progressions Meetings (November, January, March, and a final update in May) • Increased Fountas and Pinnell Levels of Expectation by Grade (Admin) • Monitored portfolios/ Corrective Reteaching/Student Portfolios • Implemented Weekly Computer Lab for all classes • Implemented Learning Walks (admin, coach, teacher to teacher) • Provided Parent trainings: Reading, Math, Science, and iii • Held a Principal Forums to update parents on school wide initiatives and recent data • Implemented Intense PD for teachers during LTMs • Utilized curriculum planning guides and instructional focus calendars during PD Trainings • Grade Level Curriculum Planning/Higher Order Questioning • Provide Performance Based Exposures • Worked with EDW Specialist to provide data analysis and drill down in-service training for teachers on how to use diamond reports to identify and target specific student weaknesses (by classroom teachers) • Worked with EDW Specialist to identify Saturday tutorial students (identified as needing to make AYP in Economically Disadvantaged subgroups) • Implemented Intense Phase for Grades 3-5 (6 weeks) • Go for the Gold Incentive Program • Reading Counts Incentive Program • Writing Push-In – 4th grade departmentalized with a writing teacher and writing coach to support teacher by pushing in • Coaches modeled Reading, Math, and Science lessons • Develop Grade Level Articulation of Expectations for all Grade Levels in all subjects. • Departmentalize Grades 3-5 with a Special Departmentalized Schedule • Implement weekly 45-minute GLM (grade level meeting) planning Time with Coaches to focus on common planning and lesson plan development • Increase professional development of reading process (small group instruction) • Implement computer lab monitoring process and usage of FCAT/FSA programs. • Media Center – closer monitoring of the checkout system • Media Center - Increase check out of literature based books and Lexiles • Closely monitor reading counts program • Infused math centers to incorporate concepts taught • Increased Intense Phase from 4 to 8 weeks • Hired Specialty teachers in Reading and teachers with a specialty in Math for Departmentalized Grades

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Maintained school center operations. Delivered educational leadership to promote student academic success and provided resources to support teacher instruction. Provided administration and support to Title I and High Needs Schools including master scheduling, data analysis, and budgeting. Managed internal accounts, labor relations, and teacher and staff coaching, mentoring and development. Directed data-driven continuous improvement of program, strategies and instruction as a presenter and trainer. Established student and organizational goals by classroom, grade, department, and school levels. Enhanced communications with parents and community partnerships. Evaluated class room performance and provided teacher support and clear objectives to achieve school and district goals. Developed school performance plan and improvement initiatives in collaboration with School Advisory Council. Ensured compliance with Adequate Yearly Progress and Marzano Teacher Training to support Math Florida Standards and Language Arts Florida Standards. Facilitated and supported SAC Chair during SAC meetings with stakeholders, Master Scheduling, Utilized data analysis to review student performance and align instructional programs. Maintained learning team meetings and monitored classroom implementation strategies. Performed Content Enhancement and Instructional Walkthroughs and supported teachers with the instructional program/assistance, staff development, and teacher evaluations. Directed communications with parents and stakeholders on student performance, .