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28th Test Squadron, Nellis Afb Work Values

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Daily Duties at 28th Test Squadron, Nellis Afb:

Developed and evaluated tactics that optimized and increased the combat capability of the A-10, F-15C, F-15E, F-16C, F-22 and HH-60G advanced weapon systems. Represented test organization as the decision-making liaison with other military branches and defense contractors for modifications of aircraft. Experienced performance and maintenance evaluator for the $985M F-15C advanced radar, found in USAF fighter aircraft. Technical advisor and prime coordinator of the annual worldwide F-15 avionics software requirements review committee. Controlled all hardware and software modifications for 8 unique F-15 test aircraft. Managed the Common Airborne Solid State Video Recorder (CASS-VR) test program, which led to the acquisition of the recorders for all combat aircraft in the US military. Proficient security manager, ensured 100% accountability/safety of all classified materials. Program lead engineer for the fighter data link (FDL) network test, resulting in the resolution of numerous interoperability issues between aircraft and ground platforms. Hand picked by the Commander as a member of the presidential appointed “Tiger Team” to determine the threat of unmanned vehicles in the US airspace after the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. The 6-member team’s timely security assessment resulted in an outstanding organizational award from the Pentagon. Expertly managed the deployment of German MiG-29 fighter aircraft to Nellis AFB, resulting in the successful completion of 4 critical tests in determining the combat effectiveness of combined coalition forces. Obtained over 40 flight test hours in the F-15D, F-18A, and HH-60G fighter aircraft.

What they like about 28th Test Squadron, Nellis Afb:

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Software Programming: Java(Expert) C(Proficient) , Problem Solving, Troubleshooting, Inventory Control, Root Cause Analysis, Fault Tree Analysis, Application Testing, Machine Repair And Maintenance, Mechanical System Design, Machine Design, Development of Key Metrics and a Reporting System , Unit Commitment, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Process Engineering, Equipment Installation, Budgeting, Dispatch Applications, Finite Element Analysis, Product Development, AutoCad, 3-D Modeling, Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Medium/High Voltage Switchgear and Transformers: 15KV/115KV/4160 volts , Low Voltage Voltage Switchgear and Transformers: 480 volts , Motor Control Centers: 480 volt , D.C. Drives and Motors: 5 to 500 horsepower , A.C. Variable Frequency Drives: 5 to 150 horsepower , A.C. Motors: 480 Volts, 500 horsepower , A.C. Motors: 4160 Volts, 800 horsepower , Distributed Control Systems (DCS) , Power System Network Analysis, P&L responsibilities, Presentation, Ecommerce Strategy and digital marketing channels optimization - SEO, SEM, email, affiliates - for high-profile accounts., Technology Solutions, Sales Support, Software Implementation, Requirements Analysis & Specification, Leadership

Information about 28th Test Squadron, Nellis Afb

Company Rank: 4.0 out of 5

Average length of employment : 3 years

Average salary of employees: $80,000

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