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Sitnasuak Native Corporation Work Values

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Daily Duties at Sitnasuak Native Corporation :

 Develop, initiate, maintain, and revise policies and procedures for the general operation of the Compliance Program and its related activities to prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.  Lead internal teams under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer for the purpose of assuring that all regulatory deadlines and requirements are met.  Review all of the accounting records of the corporate subsidiaries assigned, including net worth, liabilities, real estate assets, other material holdings, income, expenses, surplus, stocks and other investments.  Subject Matter Expert in budgeting and forecasting for all Corporate Subsidiaries which has annual revenue 1.2 billion a year.  Review all loan documents 6 months after closing to assure that all banking policies are compliant.  Provide financial reports on a weekly basis so the Board of Directors and Executive Management informed of the operations and budget.  Monitored 8 government contracts with one of them having 1200 employees which entailed traveling 40% of the year to Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., Idaho, Washington, Massachusetts and Kansas.  Formulated contract compliance strategy for achievement in strategic planning with government regulatory agencies and unions.  Review contract requirements as required by SBA rules and regulations.  Oversee reporting, data management and monitoring of financial software.  Develop internal control measures and to enact appropriate compliance strategies with subsidiaries and the managers overseeing the contracts in the lower 48’s.

What they like about Sitnasuak Native Corporation :

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Information about Sitnasuak Native Corporation

Company Rank: Not Available

Average length of employment : 7 years

Average salary of employees: $95,000

These are some of the questions we asked our climbers about their experiences with Sitnasuak Native Corporation :

Were your performance expectations clearly communicated?


Were you recognized for meeting or exceeding expectations?


Did you feel like your personal contribution was important?


Was your career path clearly outlined and discussed?


I would recommend this as a place of employment.
I believe in the purpose of this organization.
I would work for this organization again.
I feel employees are fairly compensated.

Climbers who worked at Sitnasuak Native Corporation had these interests:

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