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Heb Grocery Company Work Values

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Daily Duties at Heb Grocery Company:

Responsible and accountable for the achievement of department sales, profit and cost objectives including responsibility for the planning and execution of department specific plans, identifying opportunities for reducing the cost of conducting business and identifying opportunities to accelerate sales growth. Execution of brand strategy, sales activities and product management which includes sales projection, design, development, merchandising, buying process, marketing, distribution, stock management and product review of the brands to meet projected corporate and budget goals of the company. Selected Contributions: ? Increased sales budget from in 2003 at $58 million to 2008 at $86 million through increased business strategy, product launches and integration of consistency in products. ? Created performance-driven culture that ensures accountability and personal responsibility, lead, develop, coach and motivate 10 member team including (5 field merchandisers) and indirect staff of 250 in product management, marketing communications, pricing administration, research, and development to accomplish key corporate business objectives; led division to record fiscal year (2006) by exceeding all financial corporate goals. ? Developed brand and channel strategies to more effectively grow market share; grew sales nearly 11percent in 2007 while served market decreased up to 9 percent. ? Increased new-product sales as percentage of total sales 15 percent in 18 months (2008). ? Developed Standard Operating Procedures for department resulting in a cohesive, consistent delivery of product, consumer awareness and merchandising excellence. ? Wrote merchandising manuals for store execution of basic operations of merchandising to include, space management, merchandising, customer service, financial analysis, department performance and execution of standards for department. ? Instrumental in the rollout and sustainability of Just Cut program (first branded product in the industry fresh flowers). Reduced shrink to a company low of 10%. Lead department team to evaluate options, prioritize tasks and implement the solutions while adhering to current control procedures. ? Developed decision support tools and financial models to analyze all department categories. In addition, provided reports and assure improved product flow, supplier performance and reduced costs by 5 % throughout the area of business and supply chain. ? Lead and manage marketing strategies across three business units and 26 brands; ensure that strategies include market segmentation definition and analysis, competitive analysis and strategy, as well as channel strategy and consumer penetration plans; lead analysis and price-adjustment implementation. ? ? Supervise and lead creative team in developing and executing integrated marketing programs, including market analysis, (focus groups) tactical marketing programs (data analysis), and lead generation through direct marketing, advertising; formulate department business plans designed to capture share of new/changing markets; created new design styles for sales literature (POS) and weekly ads.

What they like about Heb Grocery Company:

Working for a company with an emphasis on social values and helping society is a clear and important priority for you - a critical factor in who you choose to work for. In contrast to other factors, you place an organization's reputation for fairness and concern for the community above most other aspects of the company. As you search for a new job opportunity, it is usually possible to find out if the company is involved in the community and/or if it is addressing problems and issues in society. Pay special attention to non-profit organizations and those specifically involved in social action. Moreover, speaking with current and former employees should enlighten you to perceptions of the fairness of the company's leaders and the treatment of employees.

Information about Heb Grocery Company

Company Rank: 4.0 out of 5

Average length of employment : 5 years

Average salary of employees: $50,000

These are some of the questions we asked our climbers about their experiences with Heb Grocery Company:

Were your performance expectations clearly communicated?


Were you recognized for meeting or exceeding expectations?


Did you feel like your personal contribution was important?


Was your career path clearly outlined and discussed?


I would recommend this as a place of employment.
I believe in the purpose of this organization.
I would work for this organization again.
I feel employees are fairly compensated.

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